Friday, May 28, 2004

First try!

This microcosm is infested with bloggers.

Infested is exactly the word. I was finally able to find a unique URL that no one else has picked up after a struggle that costed nearly 100 Rs - considering the salary I'm worth every hour, in contemporary figures. :) And, finally, due to the unavailability of any fancy name - from cloudnumbernine, groundzero, cielo to CivitasDei, every URL is booked - my own name helped. Thank God. Damn we mortals for eating up all free resources!

After a bout of frustration - and tips from scores of my blogging friends, I've finally jumped into the blogging bandwagon. But am already feeling drained.

So here I go.. I don't promise that by reading my blog readers would attain nirvana. Well, to be honest, I don't expect my readers to be that way coz of the simple fact that such people would have better things to do rather than visit my blog! That's about what I'm not going to do. Now what I'll *try* here is to give my Godforsaken readers some time-pass, some fun, to let them see something beyond this otherwise boring world. Remember, I'm not promising this either!


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