Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do not call, please!

I wrote sometime ago about the Do Not Disturb 'service' 'offered' by the mobile operators. I filled those form and have noticed over time that the unsolicited calls/smses have reduced by as much as 90%. I still do get one or two spam smses and feel like whacking the guy who sends it, but it's peace for the most part.

On similar lines, there is a Do Not Call 'service' provided by ICICI bank. Being one of their customers, I get frequent telemarketing calls for their loan offers or credit card offers. I guess having a neat credit history only worsens one's case. I've now registered for the Do Not Call service now.

I just hate calls from unsolicited numbers. It's even more irritating to get a call about a '4 lac, no questions' loan offer when you are in a middle of a serious meeting. I do like banking with ICICI coz their internet banking is good, and I rarely have to go to their branches, but telemarketing has been an irritating part. Hope there's some more respite from now on.


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