Monday, March 31, 2008

Desire the DZire!

Maruti has made a relatively nonchalant but a very brave move bringing in the DZire. As I’ve maintained in the past, after Accent’s phase-out (it is a phase-out for all practical reasons, although I guess they still sell one model) there is a big gaping hole in Segment B+/C- (which is in the price range 5-6 lacs). You can’t choose any of Esteem, Logan, Indigo, Swift, Ikon etc without compromising on something. There was no “one” default choice.

That said, the reason why I mention Maruti’s launch of DZire as significant because DZire has features that erstwhile (before launch of SX4) used to be only part of Class D (10+ cars). Its launch effectively means that Skoda Fabia is out of the window. I can’t see a single person going for Fabia since it’s a little smaller, got pretty much the same features - including power, and is a whole 1,00,000 costlier!

Dzire’s features include integrated stereo, steering mounted audio controls, automatic climate control, dual airbags, ABS with EBD. Most of the people who paid through the nose during 2002-2007 have cars (such as Honda City) that don’t have these features. I guess it must be real fun for one of the DZire owners to buy the car at 5.5 Lacs and sport these features while Honda buyers who used to shell out 8+ Lacs don’t have them! DZire is certainly an easy choice given the other options. With its launch, you really don’t need to go for cars such as SX4, Verna, Fiesta etc since you get most of the features at a much cheaper price (difference being 2 lacs+), presuming that the power difference between SX4/Verna/Fiesta etc and DZire (103 BHP vs. 87 BHP) is not something many Indian customers would die for.

DZire is certainly not amongst the best-looking cars around. Its back is a little force-fitted into the body and its looks would take some amount of time getting used to, but I personally don’t think it’s ugly. The white piece looks pretty neat compared to other colors. For its price, it is Value-For-Money redefined. The very fact that Maruti has provided features in a 5.5L car that used to be present only in cars 10+ Lacs a couple of years ago is quite something. This is a bold move that would permanently change the features that Indian automobile industry would provide in the years to come. Competition rocks! At this rate, I would expect cars in the range 4+ lacs to sport such safety and luxury features. In the end, we, the customers, are the winners. Hats off Maruti!


At Friday, April 04, 2008 11:31:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

not sure whether the power differential and bigger space for the A/c to cool will result in smooth dirving issues. just might not have the punch of the swift or the power of the sx4.

At Saturday, April 05, 2008 12:05:00 AM, Blogger Govar said...

I doubt if the ones you have mentioned would create any issues... coz the addition space-wise is only the boot which the AC doesn't reach anyway, so the cooling is going to be the same. And cars with 1000c (Santro/Zen/Wagon R) have nice ACs... so a 1300 DZire would have a good AC.

Also, the weight differential b/w a Swift and the DZire is just 30 Kgs... which is peanuts anyway.

At Thursday, April 10, 2008 11:52:00 PM, Blogger i i said...

Dude, when it's time for me to buy a car, you'll be the one I'll come to for reviews :)
Good post, boss!

And by the way, DZire looks horrendous! More like a Swift that stretched itself beyond repair while trying to squeeze out of a narrow garage entrance or something. (Or maybe I should watch less Pogo from now on)


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