Friday, January 27, 2006

India in L'Oreal's e-Strat Business Challenge

I always like competitions at international level since I guess it's a real indicator of where one stands in terms of potential and competition.

L'Oreal's e-Strat Business Challenge is exactly that: A strategy competition at an international level.

The top teams from each zones (there are 8 zones in all) get a full-expenses paid trip to Paris. I guess more important than that is the chance to 'prove a point' in the international scene among some 1500 contenders who started step 2.

India comes under Zone 8, along with numerous chotu countries. Incidentally, the first two slots in the zone go to two Indonesian teams and we have one team from IIM Indore standing at the 3rd, which is international rank 15, of the 31,000 teams registered from 2190 B-schools spanning 125 countries. Great! There is just one more level to go the finals. Here's wishing them all luck since they are pretty much the only chance for any Indian team to make it.

I came to know of this through my own neighbor who is a part of that team. My other neighbor's team stands 68 in the international ranking. Guess I'm living among a bunch of lunatics! :)


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