Thursday, March 23, 2006

Indian kids on the march?

I happened to come across an interesting incident.

In a kind of an offbeat tale, a 10 year school kid from India has wrote to the authors of the chart-topping and best-selling Freakonomics book correcting their - what he calls - mistake. (via DesiPundit) Here’s the letter.

Hello. I am Rohan Patel, I am 10 years old. Your book was amazing! I loved it, but I found one mistake in it. In the chapter “What Makes A Perfect Parent?” it says that changing schools does not have an impact on the child. This is untrue, as i moved from Canada to India.

In India the school system is much harder, when I came here I was way behind. I am emailing my friends and they are behind me, what they learn is very different from what I learn. So changing schools makes a huge impact on the child, I myself am an example of this.

What followed was an interesting debate (here, for one) if Indian school system is really superior to the one in Canada. Before we high-five all over, Yazadjal comes up with a possible explanation.

I found Freakonomics certainly interesting, but the stories about racism, school issues between white and black were Greek to me since I had no base about the whole thing. I guess it relates well to the US audience.

The boy sure isn’t a “normal” 10 year old Indian kid. I wish I knew how to write that well, e-mail and read books like Freakonomics when I was 10. A lot of questions would be answered if we know where the kid studied in Canada and where he's studying in India. I have a feeling he's probably undergoing a CBSE/ICSE course in one of the metros or cosmos.

But whatever it is, I think this is something for all Indians to smile over.


At Friday, March 24, 2006 9:22:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Govar,
That's really great news....
Also need to appreciate the 10 year old boy...
Nice info...
Keep the blogs flowing.

At Friday, March 24, 2006 9:55:00 PM, Blogger Govar said...

"Keep the blogs flowing."

yes... am on holidays. So Im reading a lot and that auto means Ill post regularly too.


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