Thursday, February 08, 2007

Impressive people series - #1

I don't really write about people in my blog so often, but I was so impressed about some of the things Kiruba has done and penned down that I don't want readers of this post to miss this.
2) I volunteered as a waiter for 6 months at a restaurant called 'Annalakshmi'. I also washed dishes, swabbed floors and polished cutlery. I worked for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. I did not get paid but I earned much more. I learnt what dignity of labour meant.

5) I wanted to know what it is to live without money in the city. So, I took bath at Central station, survived on prasadam at Kapaleshwarar temple at Mylapore and slept the night on the pavement of Whites Road at Royapettah. Wanted to do this for two days but gave up after the first day.
This is from a man who gives talks in leading IT companies and contributes to the formation of amazing stuff like and WikiCamp. When I first read about the ExtraBed concept , my faith in humanity certainly got a big, big boost.

Impressed is all I can say. Guess this is the same urge that has prompted him to put down risk-free salaried jobs and take something of his own.

P.S: I hope I can continue writing about interesting people as and when I come across them.


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