Wednesday, June 02, 2004

D-Day : 60th anniversary - A tribute

June 6, 1944. Powers shifted. Justice saw a gleam of hope. The Second World War took a massive U turn. The Germans were rendered crippled. A sluice to a brave new world of freedom was opened. The world was no more the same after the day.

History is interesting. The world has seen an astronomical number of battles from eons ago. But no battle came close to World War II. The war for the first time saw new arrays of artillery, sophisticated battle machines, guns, night vision equipments, armour, hell unleashing tanks, radars, assault planes and the worst of all - the nuclear technology. This article is to remind us all of the D-Day, arguably one of the most important volte-faces the world has ever witnessed.

June 6 1944 was when the Axis of Evil - Germans, Italians and Japanese - were ruling the most of Europe, parts of Africa, Asia and South America. All hell was breaking loose. Most of the land belonging to the Allies was in the hands of Germans - which included France; parts of UK, Scandinavia, Asia and Allies controlled Africa. And in all the captured lands, some things were common - hunger, ill treatment, massacre, persecution, slaughter, injustice, famine, joblessness and disease. This just had to end. Otherwise, the world would have soon become a hell in itself. All the German occupied territories were heavily fortified, and frontline terror tanks - the invincible Panzers - were manning all the important landing points.

Fortunately, America and Canada was left healthy, and a part of UK was still doing business. The only way out for these Allies was to infiltrate the enemy territory at some point and launch a massive offensive. This had to be in the west since the Germans were already having a hard time with the Russians in the east. 'Operation Overlord' was launched. The Allies decided to launch an offensive like never before on five heavily fortified beaches in France. The operation involved deliberate disinformation, mock offensives at other places to distract the enemy, simultaneous usage of air and paratrooper powers, and a superior game play.

A part of this operation has been captured very well in the SS's masterpiece 'Saving Private Ryan'. This movie shows the fiercest fighting sequence that happened in the Omaha beach in Normandy, France. The other 4 beaches were captured with relative ease. Soon after the Allies infiltrated Normandy, France was freed. The occupation then moved towards Germany, and culminated when Hitler along with his lackeys committed suicide in his own bunker. The world was never the same after June 9, 1944.

A High five to the brave souls who laid down their lives to save the earth from evil.


At Saturday, June 05, 2004 12:23:00 AM, Blogger Guha said...

The Omaha beach invasion scene in Saving Private Ryan was adjudged as one of the greatest movie moments ever. A handsome tribute from the master craftsman Spielberg

At Saturday, June 05, 2004 11:56:00 AM, Blogger Govar said...

yeah Guha, SPR was a fantastic movie. I thought Windtalkers was too good as well. The war scenes look very original. But of SS's creations, I like the serial "The Band of Brothers" the best. Twas simply unbeatable.


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