Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blogging isn't a fad. It's mighty big.

I hate to be out of touch with the blog world, but competitions restrain me. Here are some updates from the blogosphere.


Read about how blog count is doubling every five months. The article says "70,000 new blogs are created everyday--that's one a minute". And there are 1 million posts a day tracked by Technorati. Wow!

CNET has an article on the decision that Bloggers won't be deemed as journalists. I wonder why since some of the bloggers like instapundit.com has a huge following, probably more than many small newspapers. If updating people is the motto, shouldn't bloggers and media work in tandem?


Check out what I guess is the biggest blog war in Indian blogosphere. Every miniscule angle has been vetted in and out. But Chandoo feels bloggers have been one-sided and has a completely alternate take on this issue.

With sites such as Desipundit aggregating the best of Indian blogs, has Indian blogosphere come of age?


There was Google's blog search, and next follows Yahoo!

More later!


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