Friday, August 10, 2007

India has only 31.5 million taxpayers

That's the news item that I came across. Interesting. Just 3% of people pay tax. Isn't that great? We are what we are with just 3% of us paying tax?

However, I think they missed the closing lines: "India has only 31.5 million taxpayers. But they get badly milked."


At Friday, August 10, 2007 11:00:00 PM, Blogger Vimal said...

That's why a 'Sivaji' and money card are needed :)

On a more serious note, if the government doesn't find ways to prevent evasion of tax, the salaried class will increasingly feel frustrated. Unfortunately, the middle-class Indian won't take to the streets or go to the court; he will continue to pay his taxes and if necessary bribes to get what is lawfully his.
Sometimes I wonder whether we have really made any progress at all.

At Friday, August 10, 2007 11:52:00 PM, Blogger Govar said...

You are right. We just pay tax and do what we are asked to do, coz we are the nice guys who wouldn't spend time messing with the system. But then, on the face of it, bringing more people in tax net seems to be easiest job in the world - there's 97% of the population to target.


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