Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The probability of a quiz

Hey! you know mathematics? This is probably gonna test your knowledge to the hilt! :) (a feeble joke attempt)

A lot is happening in the second term. 12 days of continous classes, without even a holiday on Sundays. As the usual set of assignments, classes etc roll on, one major thing hasn't started yet. You guess it right - quizzes. For every subject consisting of 24 classes, there would be six quizzes on an average. That translates to a probablity of 0.25 quizzes per class. Considering that we have 3 classes every day, there is a probability of 0.75 for a quiz happening. In simple terms, 3 quizzes can be expected in four days. Throw in subjects consisting of 12 classes and still containing 6 quizzes, the probability only looks much worse.

All I can say is, with a probability of 0.75 for a quiz happening any given day, and with 5/6 classes passing by without a quiz, things don't look rosy.

I can't believe we've been so lucky all these days. I still remember the first quiz in the first term where I ended with a zilch and started to think about studying. I've had no such impetus so far, which is real bad. I say its bad coz of the simple reason that so many classes have went past with a cursory preparation. The thought of continous quizzes in the forthcoming days scares the shit out of everyone of us. But I still have this weird sense of feeling - some people call it hope - that we'd get away without a quiz tomorrow. Wonder what's really gonna happen!


At Sunday, October 17, 2004 12:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The quizzes did happen. Marketing - two in two, BTO - just opened it's account (I didn't. Will get a duck most probs).

Just hoping for the good old days of no quizzes to return.

And praying for a summers..



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