Thursday, September 16, 2004

Paradise beckons!

It's the last day of our first semester. Got two exams - Microeconomics and Organizational design - tomorrow, and thats it. Home beckons. Family. Relief from the concentration camp. My city. Friends. Bliss. TV. Cars. And ofcourse, good spicy south indian home food. Ahaa! the prospect sounds mighty awesome, and I can't wait to start. Nearly 3 months in Indore under the given conditions, I just can't explain how the whole prospect of home sounds! Given that the two exams are going to be of objective type, I don't have any mood to brush up stuff. I'm relying entirely on my memory, pre-exam preparation and luck to do the rest.

What's going to be my schedule like? Well, I really don't want to have any sort of plans. I just wanna pass time without any sort of obligations. Now this might sound like crazy, but aimless wandering is something that we can't get easily. I just have a brief idea of what I'm going to do. 15 movies stored in my laptop. A couple of novels. My plans end there.

I'll stay for a couple of days in Chennai during transit, and the remaining 9 odd days in Coimbatore. I'll probably browse once in day for a brief amount of time. Not sure if I'll come to the blog. I hope I don't! ;-)

Three exams over. I've done moderate-to-bad in 'Human Behaviour at work'. Contrary to what our prof said, the questions were of the 'rote' kind. I hate mugging, and the result is quite obvious. I guess I've done ok in Quants and Accounts. Its quite surprising that I'm quite cool and relaxed about these subjects now. 24 hrs back, it was an entirely different thing. With little luck, I'll avoid a 'D' in accounts. This is something I myself didn't expect. Anyway, happy that the number-crunching part of the subject is over.

Well .... paradise beckons.... !!


At Saturday, September 18, 2004 12:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoy ur stay dude.too bad my damn insti gets rid of me next month only.mommy!!!oh mommy!!!


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