Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Best Indian Business School Blog Competition

It's official. I'm participating in the Best Indian Business School Blog competition conducted by ISB, Hyderabad. The challenge is to become the first or second link if a Google search is performed with the title of this blog as keywords.

Google seems to work the following way:

1) It periodically crawls over web through the links accessible from different websites and caches the data - possibly in an ultra-fast random access memory. For example, if it accesses site A, and site B has been linked from A, site B would be scanned for changes. Updates would possibly be made on its copy in cache.
2) A link from site A to site B would be considered a vote from A to B. The vote would carry weightage depending on the popularity and relevance of site A. This way, Google calculates the number of votes to all the cached websites.
3) Whenever the user performs a search using the keywords, it shortlists and displays the page depending on the rank the page receives and the presence of the keywords.
4) Google seems to have taken a hard stand against Key word stuffing - placing abnormal amounts of keywords in the website to improve page rank.

This is a simple explanation of how Google works. Given this working, I'm surprised my blog was ranked some 700 odd the last time when I checked. I have a decent number of links to my blog [Type "link:" in Google], and I have placed the keywords in the posts as well. So, evidently, there seems to be a lot more in Google than what's being made public, and I'm losing somewhere.

I really am not too keen on winning, but being rated 700 odd is... sick! Let's see if things improve in the coming days.


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