Friday, June 11, 2004

Resigned today

Today was my last day in Oracle.

Just 6 days short of completing 2 years here. I would've loved to complete atleast 2 years plus atleast 1 minute here, but I don't have the luxury of time.

I was really busy (??!!) these two days. Yesterday, I had the 'final' farewell words from all my teammates. Everybody was discussing the positive points I have. Most of them said I don't have negatives!!! To be honest, it was a bit like a dream to hear all that. I don't think I deserve all that [No humility this!]. As Iacoocca said in his book: I would really love to meet the person I'm supposed to be, as per the image I've created. :grin:

I also had a short farewell party from my iOpener [internal e-zine] team mates and was 'benizened' with some gifts from some of my very close friends.

Today, it was more like cleaning up my system, my mails, my desk stuff like that. For a record, my system was something like: A 17inch LCD, P4 2 GHz, 1 GB Ram, 40GB HDD, one of India's fastest web connections etc. fitted with RH Linux v9 as the primary OS. It worked like a breeze. [I guess I would love to reminesce about this in the future if I happen to read this :grin again: ]

I also went to MTR, one of the most famous restaurants in Bangalore. The meal costed 75 bucks, but there was some 15 items. I ate till my throat. Everything was nice except for Sambar and Rasam. [Bangy restaurants always add sugar in Sambars and Rasams, which I hate]. Then I sent a mail to everyone, for which most of them replied that my leaving was a surprise, which in turn was a surprise to me.

Neway, nice way to leave the company.

P.S: I still haven't recorded some of the 'goodie' feedbacks I received. Will do it soon. :grin for 3rd time:


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