Monday, July 25, 2005

Updates from Planet-I

Yes, we affectionately call our institute Planet-I. That's because we've got a couple of ‘I’s in IIMI. The fact that we are all pretty much out of the thick of civilization lends credit to the usage of 'Planet'.

'I' is an awesome letter. We've taken complete freedom to prefix or append 'i' with any and everything we do. The clubs are called Mercuri, Equiti etc. Our magazine is called the I-mag. Our collective student’s blog is called iLife. Our event is called Iris. And even the newsletters are called iLetters etc.

Official PGP1 welcome party

Coming to the updates, we had the official freshers party yesterday. The entire resident IIMI family - all students, faculties etc turned up for the event, which was held in the biggest hotel in Indore. PGP1, our juniors, showed us their other halves - dances, songs, plays etc. It was good fun all in all. I couldn't upload pix into photobucket which doesn't seem to be working now, but I expect Chandoo to give a detailed account sometime soon.

Starting FPM

Treading on the lines of the bigger IIMs, our institute too is starting the FPM program. Applicants for this CAT would have the possibility to apply to this course. With this, the fleet is nearly complete - regular PGP, MDP and FPM.


Lots of changes are happening in the campus. Plans are being charted for a new hostel block next to the existing ‘A’ block, possibly for the increase in the number of seats next year. That's good news for IIM aspirants. Most of the area on top of the hill is getting an artificial grass cover. We also notice ground being dug inside the campus, to the right of the entrance gate, possibly for some plantations. God knows what's going to come there, but we all know that the campus would be very different if we happen to visit say 10 years later.

Updates would be relatively infrequent due to the extreme load, what with classes running till 8.30 pm in the evening!


At Monday, July 25, 2005 5:17:00 PM, Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

'i' planet, hmmm, ur livin in a very self centered planet i guess.

At Monday, July 25, 2005 5:57:00 PM, Blogger Govar said...

Self centered? As in? Its true that ours is kinda situated outside the thick of activity and we donnt get many chances to go outside etc...

At Monday, July 25, 2005 7:12:00 PM, Blogger Chandoo said...

govar dude.. thats a decent account of I. I totally agree with the line "10 years later.."


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