Wednesday, January 17, 2007

As good as it gets

I read Calvin and Hobbes when I'm out of steam. I read C&H when my mood is crappy. I read C&H when my mood is on fire. If you could relate to what I'm saying, you'd find the link terribly useful. I thought I was a C&H fan until I visited that link. S-Anand, the guy with one of the most picture perfect resumes you could ever set your eyes upon, has typed down ALL of Calvin and Hobbes content (that is about 10 years of Bill Watterson's work) on his blog.

It doesn't end there. I thought my movie watch list would rank somewhere really high up there until I visited this link of his.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Of courage and disgrace

Been late in catching up with news, but couldn't resist posting two contra incidents that happened in two of some of the world's most populated cities. Don't know how many of you caught up with this.

First, a refreshing story of bravey in New York. Subway Hero saves teenager. Read this stuff before starting your day.

And a shameful story in our own backyard - Mumbai. Girl molested in New Year's Eve right in the open, near Gateway of India, by 70 men. What's surprising is it has happened in Mumbai, a city that is relatively - just relative to other Indian cities, mind you - considered safe in India. Guess it takes an India for such incidents to happen.

Sometimes, however hard you try, you just can't be too proud of your country. And your country men.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Again, better late than never. After two and a half years of blogging, I finally made it to one of the bloggers meet. It isn't really tough to figure out why it has taken so long. You have to be in a big city to meet other bloggers and I wasn't in one of them. I guess I gave myself the best chance by staying in Chennai, which is supposedly the blogging capital in India.

The meet happened on 30th December in Besant Nagar beach. The agenda of the meet was to 'give a face to the blogs', and there was really nothing more to it. It was just another way to pass time in a holiday, and it did turn out to be an interesting one. And the Beach corner hot bajjis did add some spice to the whole thing.

I got a chance to interact with the veteran and 'have seen it all' blogger - Kiruba. He really did live up to the image of being one of the best bloggers around. Incidentally, he was one of my inspirations to start a blog a couple of years back. I was also glad to meet folks like OuchMyToe. He too lived up to his online self by making us laugh given the first chance. Folks like him surely eased the uncomfort of meeting completely new people.

Other bloggers who made it: Selective Amnesia, Raghuveeran, Shekar, Anand Philip, Ganesh, Ramanujam, Vimal, Kaushik, Sudhon, Sandhya, Sangeetha, Swati, Shilpa and Sudhish Kamath (of Hindu MetroPlus fame).

My takeway: Most of the people who came down were what they are in their blogs. They really didn't look like a different self when you meet them in person. In other words, there's all the more reason to read more blogs of people who have a good reputation.

Ramanujam has more details about the meet.

And yes, wish you all a fabulous New Year 2007!