Friday, September 14, 2007

May My India!

Wow. This is about one of the best things to happen in the web in India in the recent times.

One of the most useful online services when you travel into the US (or other developed countries, I would presume) is the direction find facilities such as You just type in the complete 'start' address and an 'end' address, and you generally get a perfect outlay of the routes you need to take to get to the destination.

Looks like we have something similar down here in India too. I just saw the comment to my last post about and checked a couple of locations I know, and Voila! these guys seem to have got it right. Kudos. Even an approximation of the routes would be immensely helpful to all of us.

Now if I go to a relatively new city - say Delhi, rent a car and try to drive between the routes between Greater Kailash and Connaught Place, I know where to head for the direction and routes. If the service works throughout India or at least in Tier I to III cities, I think this is fabulous reason to get addicted to the web. Until then, hats off to the team for the attempt to bring the concept to India.


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