Friday, June 18, 2004

Snoozing my way off

Boy! I'm having a real tuf time whiling away free time.

I wonder how I stayed during my school/college holidays. I guess I had a lot of friends in my town to boot. But now, I slowly am becoming a died-in-the-wool cheapstake sleeping all the way (8 hrs daily) to glory!

Here is a typical day of mine like:

Exercising regularly - although I have no intention of becoming a wrestler or the like.

Eating well - ofcourse :)


In the past 4 days, I've completed
1) Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach: a supposed-to-be inspirational book that was given to me during my farewell. Well, these kinda books make a good and quick read, but doesn't inflict any damage on my routine. Wonder why.
2) Talking straight - Lee Iacocca: I know, I know, am reading this book so late. A nice book..a kinda must read. I'm a serious Iacocca fan.
3) The Joy of work - Dilbert: Needless to say, a real funny read. Wicked but funny, as mentioned in the paperback.
4) Fiesta (The Sun also rises) - Ernest Hemingway: Hmm, was a disappointment from Hemingway. I enjoyed some vintage Hemingway conversations peppered in the book, but then, romance novellas are never my cuppa tea. I'm feeling a bit snotty reading the book.
5) Started 1984 - George Orwell. Again, I'm late in taking this book.

Euro 2004 ofcourse. My favorites are Italy and France. Italy has been quite disappointing till now. Yesterdays match was a shocker.

Occasional bike rides, music, temple visits (serious!) and other newspapers, books fill my day.

I wonder what'll happen to me if I continue this routine. I really want something more interesting to do.


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