Saturday, July 31, 2004

Counter Striked! - PGP1 lost to PGP2

There is a lot to learn in life. Just when you think you are the God, there is always a knock on the head reminding you just in time that the worst is yet to come. The knock, was, infact, real hard and it brought the hell out of PGP1.

Yeah, PGP1 lost to PGP2. And, miserably at that!

The rules:

We had two sets of matches in all. 5 maps in total. 14 players on either side. The five maps were: NM Gas, Siege, Dust, Airfield and Le Chateau [Some of the names might not be verbatim]
The first team to win 5 times in a map was the map winner. And there were 5 maps in all.

D-Day one:

PGP1 were the terrorists, and PGP2 were the counter-terrorists.

We (author from PGP1) didn't have a strategy discussion or anything of that sort. I personally was pulled in from the party while I was dancing. Our guys told me: You are needed. We gotta win. Heck, who really cares about dancing when CounterStrike is at stake? I barged in with the nick "Spetnaz".

We authored a 3-2 map win on the first day. We were elated. Not because we won, but such victories are at a premium. Our seniors have played the game in, center and out, and they were clerly well netted while we, lo and behold, started knowing each other during the match! We had very less, if anything, of practice.

We won the first day. What next? we got 'the' indomitable image within ourselves. And it was to written down as the beginning for all repurcussions.

D-Day two:

PGP1 were the counter-terrorists, and PGP2 were the terrorists.

PGP2 had prepared for 2 hours. Yeah, we are good at espionage! :-) And we were partying. We started the match with all overblown and lofty hopes, only to find ourselves crushed from all sides. They were good at accuracy, and had a far better strategy. They strangled us 5-0.

In the end, PGP1 lost to PGP2.

Whats in the offing?

We are all fired up for the next encounter that's probably months ahead. We simply gotta win. No two ways out! More later.

Ciao. Govar.


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