Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The fire tragedy - don't we ever learn?

Yet another accident [Link]. Correction - a tragic, devastating accident. People cry and squirm. Lots of attention. Suspension of officials. A 'relook' at the infrastructure of all the schools in India, probably for the hundredth time - whatever that means! Yet another avenue for Paparazzi to fill their columns. Allegations thrown left, right, and all over the place.

Don't we ever learn?

This is not the first time a fire accident is happening in a school in India. Not the first time children are dying. None of this is new to us. But still, nothing has changed.

I remember my school reducing to embers when I was in my fifth standard. We studied under a thatched roof for sometime. Trust me, it wasn't amusing. I still have gory memories of those days. But luckily no one was a casualty then.

Still, after so many - countless is an understatement- lessons, there is a lot to be desired. What is the problem?

I guess its the inherent nature of the bureaucracy in India. Two days back, our MicroEconomics faculty said "To start a factory in Japan, it takes 6 days. It may take more than 6 months or more in India".

The problem is not the funds. It may not even be the mismanagement of funds. Its the intermediate level of bureaucracy that curtails the flow of funds. There should be a fundamental change in the whole political structure. But how? That's the primary question. At the cost of doing an unfinished job, I'll leave the topic at this.


At Saturday, July 24, 2004 5:03:00 AM, Blogger Govar said...

Im not at all surprised. BE in TN is common - largest number of engineers in India. And natural oppurtunity is the software sector,, either in Chennai or Bangalore. And two years down the line, when we look out for oppurtunities, naturally we end in IIMs. We do have a lot of such guys in I.

Nice to know you too.
And yeah, added to the Y!M. :)


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