Friday, July 09, 2004

One valuable lesson

Almost 10 days in the campus. I've learned one valuable thing. On an average, there are some 60 odd pages of book to read, a case study to do, and some other group presentation/preparation work in a day. All this easily consumes all the available time, leaving 5 to 6 hours for sleep. So, the conclusion is, anything extra I do - chatting, browsing, blogging, playing - anything - it can directly be subtracted from the 5/6 hours I get. Its scary. Guess I need to become a social-anathema-animal. :)

I really was hoping, against hope, that all the rigour stories were somehow very exaggerated. Much to my agony, it doesn't seem to be so. :-( Some funny things are already happening. 2 guys have reportedly quit, one to K. Some of the guys, on a lighter side, are already joking that 115 are left, instead of '2 left'. [Hope the pun is clear!]. There are also the usual ramblings like "Why the hell am I here", "Fun is the ultimatum in life, and I was having it until I came here" etc. All in the game I guess. :-)

I'm already totally used to the place, and feeling like I'm in a different planet, out of touch with most of the world. We get all crap newspapers - TOI, Express etc, and the the only worthwhile newspaper - Hindu - comes one day late. Anyway, I'm not even reading the Express thats coming. So, not much of a difference.

Sleep caught - Consciously calculated:
3 days back: 4 hours.
2 days back: 3 hours
Day before yesterday: 3 1/2 hours.
Yesterday: 2 1/2 hours
Today: Looks good, mebbe 5 hours.

It actually makes more sense to calculate how much we really spend in studying/reading. WIll do that from now.


At Sunday, July 11, 2004 8:21:00 AM, Blogger Bhars said...

People breaking down here too, some are leaving too, unable to withstand the pressure... We have some 100 odd pages on an average :D

God when will these term holidays come !!!!!!!

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