Sunday, July 11, 2004

A volte-face!

After a week of hectic work, cruising at break neck velocity, yesterday was a bouncer, an unexpected volte-face.

We had some classes yesterday, which were mostly the non-taxing kind relating to communication, presentations etc. In the afternoon we had some miscellaneous work. Then, s I was planning to spend some time with books, I stumbled across the Volley Ball field, and ended up spending 3 hours there. After having some snacks, I went to the Gym with Srickant. I made a resolution to visit the place once every week, and he made it a point to visit it everyday. ;-)

Then there was the cultural night where we had loads of fun performing the 'vintage' last benchers role - whistling and shouting all the way. At about 11.30 pm, the party started. Till 1.00 am I whiled away time eating fillers and taking soft-drinks. Then went to dance ... went on with frequent intermissions till about 2.30 am. Down and out, short of energy, I had some 'Maggi' in the mess, and went to sleep at about 4.00 am. Woke up at about 10.00 am today. What a change.... lots of work awaiting me.


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