Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moral policing might not be entirely bad after all!

I don’t like Chennai for several reasons – for compulsively being ignorant about a lot of things non-Chennai, for compulsively interfering with the rights of people, for moral policing and all the hypocrisy around, and for the dressing culture – I mean, the near total lack of it, but may be, just may be, it all serves one purpose: All this ensures poor people don’t get run over by cars while they are snoozing.

Don’t see the connection?

You don’t read news articles about drunkards ramming into pavement dwellers in the night time in Chennai, simply coz there are not many drunkards, and they don’t really drive in the city in the night time coz they can't.

If there is a free reign, a la Mumbai, read this:
Alistair, media persons covering the court proceedings said, was absolutely remorseless and said what happened was an accident for which he could not be blamed. Indeed, he was smiling and even made rude and offensive gestures at the photographers who took his photograph.

Alistair, who is an engineer and helps in his father’s business, allegedly showed his middle finger to the media persons.

I’m not against drinking or drunkards – not at all, as long as they don’t have a drunken driving expedition. I so desperately want these kids to be ripped apart, but I know it won’t happen coz they are fuckin rich.
the Bandra metropolitan magistrate’s court remanded Alistair to police custody till November 14, while the other five were released on bail of Rs. 5,000 each.
Yuk! Sometimes, India totally, totally sucks.

Note: I’m not implying that moral policing is good. Far from it. It’s horribly bad, but it’s always good to have some amount of rules in place.

Forced to write after Rashmi’s blog on the same topic.


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